Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Condo Clutter"

24 x 30
Oil on Canvas
Painted in Summer 2001
This painting was created in a condo I rented from the cook at the Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale- at the time I was a waitress there. The condo was 2 bedrooms, so 1 of them I used as my junk room- this is where I painted and kept all my clothes that didn't fit anymore (I used to be 30 lbs. heavier! yuck!!!), cds, records, old shoes that I couldn't quite part with yet, etc. I started creating this painting in the "junk" room by taking objects in my sight and tracing them on the canvas- in this painting there are 2 shoes, 2 cd cases, 3 cds, an acrylic sculpture, and fingers traced out, amongst other objects I just can't remember that were also lying around. I experimented with scratching, dripping, and painting with a palette knife in this also- It was a "lets try something different" painting, and I'm happy with the outcome. (-:

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