Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pregnant Again! And this time it's a boy (-;

I don't paint as much as I used to, and especially when I'm pregnant but thought I should share the latest. I am getting commissioned to do a large painting and I have 2 months to complete it so I'm very excited. I will post a picture once it is completed. Oh, and I am pregnant again! It's a boy this time, so we are excited to be able to stop after 2... if it was another girl I would want to keep going! Love being a mommy so much- it's the best experience, nothing tops motherhood. My daughter just turned 2 and my future son is due on Oct 17th. Planning on another natural birth- hope I can do it again! Wish me luck! :-O

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Caroline Stummer said...

...and to comment on my own post, I had Lukas Oct 7th 2011 and he's a happy and healthy little guy. I was able to do another drug-free/natural birth but it was somewhat easy since the very painful part of my labor lasted only an hour! I am happy to be done since this one came so quickly because if there was another to come, I'm not sure I'd make it to the hospital in time! Not complaining one bit though (-: