Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Accidentally Meant to Be"

30 x 40
Oil on Canvas
Painted in January 2005
This I painted in the "AZ Room" of my grandma's condo. I painted it shortly after purchasing "The Wilco Book", in it there are several photographs containing birds and clutter, so with listening to their music and looking at the photographs (still haven't actually read the book to this day!), the painting was born. When the painting was finished but not yet dry and still without a title, I drove to my sisters house to have my mother, who was in town visiting at the time, take photos of my new "bird/Wilco" painting for my portfolio. On my way there I got in a terrible car accident- It was on the 347 heading towards Maricopa. A car had pulled out in front of me in the middle of the highway causing me to swerve and go off the road into the ground below (the road was elevated a bit from the land surrounding it). My car was airborne and rolled 3 times. My painting was in the dirt about 30 yards away from my car. I was OK, but the painting was damaged. I had it restored then did some touch ups and the title was found- "Accidentally Meant to Be".

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Diamond Skier said...

WOW, Caroline! This one is fantastic. I really like the name too. :)